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#freeCodeCamp #Challenge #Guide: #Import a #Google #Font

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To import a font from Google or any other site, this is the format that you should follow: Once imported, it can then be used in the font-family property

Source: freeCodeCamp Challenge Guide: Import a Google Font

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What are the #Best #BlackBerry #Web #Browsers for Your #Smartphone?

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What are the best BlackBerry Web browsers you have ever used on your smartphone? If you haven’t used any except the default BlackBerry browser, it’s time for a change. If you need faster performance, user friendly design, and an appealing interface, then have a look at these best web browsers for BlackBerry. See what is our top selection from Opera Mini, Bolt, uZard, UC browser, and BlackBerry default browser. It’s time to get the best BlackBerry Web browser for your smartphone.

Source: What are the Best BlackBerry Web Browsers for Your Smartphone?

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#Best #JavaScript #books in 2017 – #ReactDOM 🖥📚📱💻🔬

Moroccan Sahara 2016

To be a good ReactJS, React Native or GraphQL developer, you need good JavaScript skills. These are the best JavaScript books in 2017 to learn JavaScript. Source: Best JavaScript books in 2017 R…

Source: #Best #JavaScript #books in 2017 – #ReactDOM

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