Has Internet Replaced Oxygen (Jothish Joseph)



21st century, the age of modern gadgets and the evolving networks! Every new innovation we know about took place around the beginning of this century. A lot has changed in these years. Smartphones have been increasing in size and clothes are getting shorter. Trends keep coming and going. 2G network was once a dream but now we are looking at 5G. 

A lot has changed and certainly a lot has been forgotten. At school we all were taught that we breathe in oxygen and breathe out carbon dioxide. Thanks to global warming carbon dioxide is still in the headlines. 

I stay in a hostel and recently there have been some power cuts. As soon as the electricity goes everyone in the hostel is disturbed. The next thing people do is check if the neighbour has electricity. All of a sudden everyone is restless. The longer the delay the more restless…

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